Beatrice Dixon

“I no longer chase things that are out of my control…….I do however, chase stability and taking care of myself.   I chase whatever needs to be chased to get ourselves to the goals we’ve set in front of us.” 

 From a dream, to fulfilling her dreams; we sat down with Beatrice Dixon, owner and founder of ‘The Honey Pot’, (a plant based, chemical-free feminine care company), to talk about setting goals, scratching them off and getting shit done. 

Commonly throughout our lives, when we feel as if we’ve reached our breaking point, the only option left, is a breakthrough. After having a seemingly incurable case of bacterial vaginosis for nearly 8 months, Beatrice says that in the midst of her desperation, she was visited by an ancestor in a dream. 

“I had a very vivid dream where my grandmother visited me and gave me the solution to solve my problem.  She gave me a list of ingredients that would cure my inbalance and told me to remember them when I woke up.”

 A few days after waking up and writing down the ingredients passed on to her, Beatrice tested the remedy for herself and came to see that what her ancestor recommended, indeed worked. What did this mean for Bea? 

It means she got straight to work, thus starting the company we now know as ‘The Honey Pot.

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In starting her own company, Bea made it clear that from that point onward, all of her time, energy and focus would go towards her vision.  

When asked about the commitment needed to fulfill her intention Bea stated that,

“It’s your time, energy and attention, and it’s having to come to terms with that fact that you’re going to have to say no to a lot of things that aren’t in line with the direction you’re working towards. It’s also being strong enough to see that not all of your relationships are going to endure these changes.”

Oftentimes in our lives, when people no longer fit into our journey, it can be considered a loss.  Whether they were close friends or held a romantic place in our hearts, losing anyone, at first, can be difficult to accept.  

Coming to terms with this reality, Bea is now confident that if a relationship couldn’t last because of her business, then it wasn’t meant to be. 

“If they were meant to go, then they were meant to go. If something or someone can’t withstand because of my life’s work, then it’s probably not meant to be in my life.

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Pushing towards her vision and letting go of that which no longer served her, Bea says that what kept her focused and driven even through the more difficult of times, was respect and responsibility towards those involved in her company, as well as those who relied on her products.  

“There’s a lot of things that go into staying focused and driven, but one of my guiding principles is respect.” 

“I really respect each and every person that has helped me along the way. Those who have partnered with me, my co-founders and their families, they’ve all needed to sacrifice a lot for this.” 

 With this type of mentality, it is no surprise that Beatrice has been named one of ‘Entrepreneur’s top 100 Groundbreaking Women entrepreneurs of 2019’.  With respect as her North Star, seeing a woman like Bea on charts such as these is not only comprehendible but is inspiring and empowering as well.

 “It pushes me to go hard. I have to make this shit worth it.  They couldn’t have made these big sacrifices for no reason. I won’t let anyones sacrifices be without reason.”  

With being recognized as one of the first 40 women of colour to raise over 1 million dollars in venture capital and having countless women that rely on her renowned product; comes big responsibility. A responsibility that Beatrice takes very seriously.

“I have a big responsibility to myself, I have a big responsibility to my family, and I have a big responsibility to those that use our product.  It’s not something that I take lightly.”

 Having had many people be an inspiration and a help to her along the way, Beatrice was quick to say that none other than her brother has been her biggest motivator and support system throughout this journey. Whether it be in her personal life or within the company, she says that she can always count on her brother to encourage, support and uplift her.

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“I’ve had numerous people that have taught me a lot along the way.  Although, when it comes to the person who’s had the most tremendous impact on myself and on the creation of Honey Pot, it would have to be my brother.”

“No matter what it is, he just does it. Whatever it is, I know we’ll get it done.” 

From something that started out as a dream, quite literally, to a product that is changing the way women look at health and sustainable well-being; Beatrice says that although she’s been able to shape her company to serve and suit women, she’s needed to accept that there are simply some things that are out of her control.

“There are some things that are beyond my control, relationships and love being two of them. I’ve had to learn that all I can do is love me, I can’t make anyone else do that.”

  By no longer chasing that which doesn’t hold value to her or her company’s growth, Bea has made room for the pursuit of sustainable self-development.

“I no longer look for assurance or validation in others, my ego doesn’t need to be fed by the opinions of other people. Something I do chase though is stability and taking care of myself.  I chase whatever needs to be chased to get ourselves to the goals that we’ve set in front of us.  So, when we do get there, we’re the best we can be, and we can move onto the next goal.” 

Setting goals and crossing them off is a trait that Beatrice has mastered in her life, both personally and professionally.  It is also one of the traits that is essential when embodying and becoming a ‘boss’. Whether it be a woman or a man, black, white or any other ethnicity; Beatrice is trusting that by moving past these labels, the most important components will be revealed in realizing one’s true potential. 

“People need to stop believing that there’s a difference between a woman and a boss. 

The same goes towards men.  It doesn’t matter what you identify as or what your ethnic background is.  Being a boss, is the effect of getting shit done.” 

 “Make goals, achieve them, scratch them off, make more goals.  Say what you want and mean what you say.  It’s that simple.  Get to work and get it done.”

  Beatrice also made it known that once reaching the level of ‘becoming someone’s boss’, community and connection is the overall component in achieving a healthy and successful business.  She made it her priority that those who work at her company, work with her, not for her.  

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“Be good to people, be grateful for them and treat everyone with respect.  It takes people for an organization to succeed, so be good to each and every one of them.” 

One thing we know for certain is that Beatrice is not only leading the way for like-minded women in the workplace but is paving the way towards a culture of inclusion and community.  

 When asked what she knows to be 100% true, she left us with; 

“Absolutely nothing is one hundred percent true.  But we can be true to ourselves and true to what we believe in and if we do that, the rest will fall into place.” 

Beatrice Dixon, an inspiring woman with an empowering message has left us in complete awe. From products that look and do good, to a boss that looks and does even better; may we all follow Bea’s words of wisdom and actions of inclusion and integrity.

Like Beatrice Dixon, we at TrooMe choose to be true to ourselves and trust that the rest will follow.  

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