Gino Reda

“I think it’s incumbent of me to use the platform that I have to be able to say, ‘Hey guys, sure, let’s talk about the Stanley Cup playoffs this year, but let’s also not forget that there’s a much bigger thing going on here.”

We may know him as the face and voice of TSN’s, 7-ELEVEN ‘That’s Hockey’, but what may come as a surprise, is that Gino Reda isn’t solely a messenger in the world of sports, but is actively broadcasting togetherness through his platforms.

Gino Reda came from very humble beginnings. With two parents who immigrated to Canada from Europe, Gino was made aware from a young age that proper work ethic would be vital to his success.

“What I learnt from my dad, was work ethic.   You just go and you work really, really hard at whatever you’re doing. It doesn’t matter what it is.”

In Gino’s teenage years, he developed a passion for broadcasting. He took this passion to the side lines and started observing high school sports teams and friendly games as a hobby.

“There was never a moment early on in my life in which I said ‘I want to become a broadcaster’. But rather it was friends and family that encouraged me to give it serious thought.”

 Although Gino had been broadcasting for local high school teams and friendly games, he hadn’t entertained the idea of this hobby possibly evolving into a career.   If it wasn’t for the encouragement of his mentors and dear friends, we most likely wouldn’t know him as the recognized TSN host that he is today.  

“I had people who really cared for me, who ended up becoming my mentors, encouraging me to take a chance.” 

 Through the motivation of his mentors and a new-found dream, Gino started applying at radio stations across the country.  Without attention being paid to his material, and repeatedly hearing ‘no’, he visited the office of Jim Tatti, who at that time, ran the number one sports show in the country; Global Sports. · 



     “He looked at me after I handed him my tapes and said, ‘Why would I hire you?  I have countless candidates willing to work for me across the country, all of which have more experience than you.’  So, I said the first thing that came to mind. I told him I would work for free.”

 From June up until September, Tatti agreed to give Gino the position as an intern, with the option to hire him in the desired position after the few months were up.  

“He gave me that opportunity as a young aspiring boy, who now knew the role he wanted to play as a broadcaster.”

For some years, Gino continued to work for Tatti, learning, growing and living out his new-found dream of being a broadcaster.

In the summer of the 1988 Olympics, TSN reached out to Gino with an offer. An offer that took him from Global Sports ,and into the TSN family, where he has been ever since. Although Gino’s professional life changed immensely, reaching new heights and successes, he said that by reflecting on where he came from, he’s brought back down to earth.

“All of that story to say, I can’t possibly forget where I came from and who supported me along the way.  I can confidently say that if it wasn’t for those family and friends who encouraged me to take a chance, I never would’ve made it.”

When we connect back with where we came from and who was there for us throughout the highs and lows of our journeys, we allow gratitude to become a daily practice. Although our environments and careers may take off, we can stay rooted on the ground.

”I go back to all of these individuals constantly, expressing my gratitude for what they’ve done for me.  They set me up for a career that ended up making me more blessed in my life than I ever thought I could be, and I’ll never forget that.  Which is why every step along the way, I am going to do as much as I possibly can to give back.” 

Influence and Service;

Gino has quite a large influence through the media, with tens of thousands of viewers tuning in each week to keep up to date with their favorite sports teams and players. Although what Gino is speaking for is sports, what he stands for is much deeper than that. Through finding ways to incorporate his values towards god, Gino actively participates in philanthropy targeted towards community and giving back.

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 11.14.31 AM.png

 “For me, the end goal is to be a conduit. To use what I’ve been blessed with, and to use my platform to point people towards how they can be of service, and hopefully in some small ways, I’ve been able to do that and pay it forward over the last 32 years.”

(Special Olympics, PEI)

Because of Gino’s role at TSN’s he’s had the opportunity to take part in many philanthropic roles.  Reda has been a strong supporter of World Vision Canada and Special Olympics Canada for more than 15 years. In 2005, he was awarded the National Volunteer of the Year award by Special Olympics Canada.
In becoming an ambassador for World Vision International, he’s been able to travel across the globe, bringing back messages with the purpose to inspire.  

“I’ve been fortunate enough in my travels, to be able to bring back a message and say, ‘This is what’s going on, let’s work together to help these people and make a change.”

 Although Gino may travel far and wide to broadcast messages of hope and change, his philanthropy isn’t solely over-seas.  Gino believes that being an active member in his own community holds great importance.

 “I think it’s incumbent of me to use the platform that I have to be able to say, ‘Hey guys, sure, let’s talk about the Stanley Cup playoffs this year, but let’s also not forget that there’s a much bigger thing going on here.”

Many athletes throughout history have stepped up to the plate, taking positive action in their communities, and beyond, during times of need.
Whether it be contributing to a cause by donating to charities, spreading informative messages through their influence, or being hands on during times of crisis; Gino stated that his ability to point people’s eyes towards these acts of kindness and right doing, (by highlighting and bringing awareness to these positive deeds), is what brings Gino a sense of accomplishment and purpose in his role.

Reda believes that no matter how widespread someone’s reach may or may not be, each and every one of us hold the power to be of service.  

“Let’s just keep pointing people’s eyes towards the really important things in our lives.  If we can do that with our platforms, then I think we’ve accomplished something.”

Strength found in stumbling; 

 “There were times when I got in, way over my head.” 

 In our lives, it is common to find ourselves ‘in over our heads’. Whether it be spreading ourselves too thin, not taking the time to slow down and breathe, or taking on a roll we know little about; these matters have a way of creating anxiety and fear within us. 

Gino, like so many, can relate to this.

In 1976, young Gino was broadcasting an Olympic Boxing match, only to realize that he was underprepared and not fully versed on the sport.  

 “I remember they had done like three matches and I thought to myself, ‘I’ve got to do more research.’  What it did is it kicked my butt, and I knew that if I was going to succeed in this business, I would need to prepare more.” 


Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 11.15.18 AM.png


In order to succeed in his business, Gino needed a base knowledge on everything that he would be speaking on.  Not only did he need to become further versed on the tasks at hand, it was also a necessity to expand his vocabulary.  
By becoming a ‘book worm’, and spending more of his time reading, he was able to better grasp phraseology, which would become a huge asset that he could carry with him throughout the success of his career.  

“There were times when it was really, really rough.

I could’ve either tucked my tail in and said, ‘this is too much’, or kept going. “

What Mr.Reda did with his experience, is a perfect example of taking what may have seemed like a set back or stumble, and using it to his advantage. Taking the time to educate himself, commit to improvement and develop favourable habits, set him up for success beyond success. 

With credit to the influence of his mentors and the support that was offered to him, Gino kept on going.  

 “They told me, ‘you’ll get through this, this is just growing pains.’  At that point in time, I had no clue what that was. I had no clue how to grow through trials and be resilient, so for me to hear from the most important people in my life that this was a natural part of developing, enabled me to pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep moving forward.” 

 Oftentimes in our lives, we seek mentors when we are in times of crisis.   

-   Something may have shifted in our lives, leaving us feeling lost, leading us to search for guidance

-    We become in need of support

-   We’re not sure how to properly handle a situation we’ve found ourselves in

 Although there is nothing wrong with asking for help, it is so much more effective if we can find our mentors in times of peace, when all is well.  When we do this, we make rational decisions with regards to who we respect, who we wish to listen to, and who we feel would be a positive addition to our journeys. 

 “When you build a mentorship when you’re in good shape and positive spirits, then, when the wheels start to fall off, you’re confident that they have your best interest and you have a solid influence to rely on.”

 As Ziad K. Abdelnour famously quoted, “Never make a promise when you’re happy, never make a decision when you're sad.”  

When we act from a place of our emotions guiding us, we very rarely stay on a steady course. Emotions are ever changing, but if we can become grounded in our beliefs, our values and our-selves, making the next right decision will come a lot easier.

Family and Faith; 

 In today’s world, ‘busy’ is one of the most common descriptions we give ourselves. Remembering to leave time for what truly matters gets lost on many, but should be re-discovered if we wish to make meaningful connections and obtain peace of mind.

While keeping up with his busy career, staying up to date with teams, players and statistics, we can imagine that Gino’s time is spread rather thin between each commitment.  As busy as he may be, Gino says that leaving space for faith and family, is critical. 


Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 11.04.58 AM.png


 “The people in your life who know you better than anyone, yet love you more than anything.. despite your flaws, should be greatly valued.”

 Faith and family, for Gino, are the foundation.  His belief in God and his desire to follow what he believes to be God’s will in his life, is central. If a decision helps to bolster and support that which is the foundation in his life, he can be confident in knowing that he’s making the right call.”

 “If I can build my life on something that will never change, everything else then becomes a decision of whether or not it conflicts with what I say is the single ost important part of my life. Family and faith need to be those fulcrums upon which everything else moves, shifts and emanates from, so that you know you’re on the right track.”

Unity Over Division;

Both fame and public recognition have a way of separating and isolating. It can be a slippery slope when the person being recognized, allows his or her ego to be over fed, thus leading to narcissism, egotism, and even arrogance.

In the early years of Gino’s career, being recognized came as a sort of ego boost.  As a result of people starting to acknowledge his presence in the media, attention and affection came into play.  

 "Years ago, if I were to be recognized in public, it would come as a sort of ego boost, which has a way of detaching you.”

 Through no longer chasing notoriety, Gino uses moments of recognition as opportunities for connection.

 “Nowadays, if I get recognized, say for example i’m in a coffee shop, and someone approaches me with, ‘Hey aren’t you from TSN?’ I’ll stop and say, ‘Yeah I am, and what about yourself, what’s your name?’ It brings connectedness and community into play, rather than a sense of separation and disunion.”

100% True;

We asked Gino Reda what he knows 100% to be true, his answer;

 “I believe that I am loved by God, and I believe that I’m loved by my family. Those are two things that could never be replaced.”

At TrooMe, we accept that life has a way of changing, sometimes when we least expect it to. To be rooted in something deeper than surface level trials, is what allows us to stand tall and strong in the midst of any storm. No matter the tests we may face, everything is an opportunity to learn, be grateful, and give back.

Having role models such as Gino, allows us to rest in the knowing that no matter the circumstances, we are growing, grounded and guided. May we follow his example, and set an example ourselves, by broadcasting kindness and togetherness into the world.

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