Karina Na More

This week on Small Talk, we sat down with Karina Na More, known for being an expert in physically conditioning the body and facial muscles; but who is now more commonly known for her strength, resilience and leadership upon being faced with the Ukrainian war.


Karina Na More was born and grew up in Ukraine in the city of Donetsk.  From a young age, she was heavily involved in sports and was encouraged by her family to pursue her athletic abilities.  Having studied at the Donetsk High School on the Olympic reserve, most of Karina’s time was spent in the stadium pursuing athletics. 

We wanted to know some of the essential lessons Karina learned as a child and how they have served her throughout her life.  


“Thanks to the sporting character, the main life lesson that I learned from childhood is that you should never give up!  Even if it seems that there is no way out in the situation and you want to give up, no matter what, you need to get up and move forward.”

Having been involved in athletics since a young age, it is no surprise that Karina would excel and thrive in the wellness world.  


Present-day, Karina Na More is an expert in physically conditioning the body and gaining control of facial expressions.  For ten years, she has been studying more than 30 different techniques to rejuvenate and restore the skin and muscles of the face and body for a perfect appearance. Based on her knowledge, she’s developed a facial marathon for the face and body, which contains the best practices of all time.

“I have always taken care of myself and my health.  My whole life has been sport and knowledge of myself and my body.  My product was born in 2019, when the first quarantine was announced.  My husband suggested that I collect my knowledge and experience in one program; they called it "the marathon."  We thought that many people found themselves without work, at home, in difficult conditions.  And we decided that such a course can distract people and direct their energy in the right direction.”

With over 1 million followers on her social platform, Karina's community comes in search of a natural way to improve the skin they’re in. From face lifting and corrected posture to self-confidence, this marathon is one that everyone can get involved in.

To find out more about Karina's Facial Marathon, click here!


Role Model 

Karina Na More is not only a role model in the health industry but a wife, a mother and a role model to her children.  
We wanted to know some of the lessons she’s taught her children that hold profound importance.  


“I studied to be a psychotherapist; it was my hobby.  I realized that the best lesson for children is a personal example and the right family model.  Our children learn from us every day.  Through the prism of parents and their behaviour, children learn about the world that surrounds them.”

In setting a positive example for those around us, we allow others to grow into the best versions of themselves without telling them what they should do or how they should be.  


Everything Changed

On 24 February, at about 5:00 EET, Putin announced a "special military operation" to "demilitarize and denazify" Ukraine.

Relations between the two countries have been hostile since the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, but no one could have anticipated what was to come.  

“The first hours when I woke up from the explosions, I experienced a feeling of horror; I could not believe that this was true.  While we were trying to leave Ukraine, I felt fear, for my son, for my family ... All the places that we passed were shelled after us.”

Being faced with war is never something anyone believes could become their reality. Yet, Karina Na More and her family had no choice in the matter and needed to adapt to their new and crushing circumstances. 

“Now, being safe, I often experience pain; I love my country very much, and it is bitter to see how it is being destroyed!  It pains me to watch how people lose their lives, homes, and children die.”

We have all heard mixed stories regarding the reasoning behind this war.  Controversies run wild when the media takes over, but if Karina could broadcast one message on behalf of Ukraine, it would be: 

“I want to say that there are no fascists and Nazis in Ukraine.  I was born in Ukraine and have lived all my life; I speak Russian and have never felt any harassment.  The war did not start because these people were trying to protect someone. It's not true!  Today, hostilities and the greatest destruction occur in the Russian-speaking regions of our country.  Ukrainians are very peaceful people."


Watching From the Sidelines  

It is difficult to imagine the horrors that Ukrainians and those alike are currently facing.  On the other side of the world, living in North America can be accompanied by a feeling of distance and disassociation from what is happening so far away.  Yet, as Martin Luther King quoted; ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  

No matter how near or far we seem from the terrors sweeping across Ukraine, the fact remains true; if one part of our world is in danger, we are all in trouble.  

“Today, it is difficult to trust this world.  Not a single institution created to preserve peace and human rights does its work.  Therefore, today the world is in the greatest danger because of weak politicians without political will.  And these politicians have forgotten that they are servants of their people and that the most valuable thing is human life!”

It takes strong leaders to bring about change.  We associate leaders with those in power, but the truth is that whoever has a desire and a hunger for the betterment of humanity, they too are a leader.  We must begin to take change into our own hands.  It starts with us.  


Final 3

What does the word freedom mean to you?

“Today, we live in a world of the illusion of freedom... There are double standards and substitution of concepts.  I wrote earlier that I have the education of a psychotherapist, so I share my professional opinion.  After all the events with Covid restrictions, the world and people have finally lost their freedom.  Censorship is everywhere, especially on social networks.  People were forbidden to speak if their opinion was different, even if these people were professionals in their field.  For me, freedom is to be able to walk without a mask, to travel the world without restrictions and imaginary difficulties, to be able to say what I think and manage my body and health as I want.”

What is the importance of standing up for ourselves and our communities?

“Protecting yourself, your freedom, individuality, and like-minded people is very important.  But the main thing is not to do this radically.  We must remember that our personal space ends where another person's personal space begins.  It is important not to lose yourself and your values in this big world, but at the same time, remember that each of us has our mini world, and it must be respected without imposing our truth or our views on the world anyone.”

100% True?

We asked Karina Na More what she knows 100% to be true, her answer….. 

“I don’t know anything at 100%.  Every day I live and study, I have many questions that I haven’t found answers to yet. And when it seems that nothing can surprise me anymore, the world and the universe are preparing new surprises for me.”

At TrooMe, we believe that the only decision to make is to stand for what is right and true, especially when faced with extreme misfortune.  

May we follow in Karina Na More's footsteps, continuing to have faith that better days are coming, lightening loads of others and knowing that when we stand together, we are stronger.  

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